Interesting Articles

  • New York Times “My Family’s Experiment in Extreme Schooling”:  Interesting article about the educational experience of an American family in Russia.  What lessons can we learn from their experiences?
  • Live tweeting the Second World War, as it happens on this date and time in 1939, and for 6 years to come. Contact via or Facebook.
  • What an amazing way to learn history . . . if you are a digital native!  Real time tweets from 1939!  Does this give you an idea or two or twenty of other real time tweets that could be created by students?
  • Learn more about Project-Based Learning.  What is it?  How can it be used in your classroom, whether you are elementary, middle, or high school?  Whether you teach in public, private, home, or virtual school, your students can benefit from project-based learning.
  • Building relationships is critical to the success of any educational program . . . relationships between parents and schools, between students and teachers, between teachers and administration.  Relationships are critical.  Many times in education, we recognize a need for a child to have another adult in his/her life.  Often, we lack the resources at the school to provide it.  We can seek assistance from the community through a School-based Mentoring program.  To be effective, it must be planned and managed properly.  This article is lengthy but informative.

  • Attending college presents difficult challenges that can be overcome through a well designed mentoring program between faculty members and students.
  • Exploring the “not your father’s shop class” which prepares students for 21st century vocations.

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