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Welcome to Beyond Classrooms!

Beyond Classrooms is a blog for discussion about instructional strategies that go . . . well, beyond classrooms. For all of the years I was in the classroom, I told my students that what I was teaching was only important if it took them beyond the four walls of my classroom. I had to revise my statement when I moved into a classroom with an entry hallway, and a gifted student pointed out that I had more than four walls! Today, more than ever, teachers need to be in discussion with one another about what is working and what is not. Teachers in classrooms, teachers at home, teachers in churches, teachers online, teachers who volunteer . . . teachers of all kinds need to share. We can no longer operate in isolation. The educational system, instructional strategies, and classroom management tools that were effective fifty and even twenty years ago will not work today. The digital natives of today are simply not wired the same way we were. They can’t change, and we find it difficult to change. What can change is how and what we teach. Let’s share . . . beyond classrooms!

Why Now?

Why is change so critical right now?  Why is our dialogue concerning curriculum that extends beyond classrooms critical right now?  Regardless of your age, how much has technology changed during your lifetime?  Can you imagine how much it will change during the live of our students?  Have you seen the statistics lately?  It’s staggering!  Shift Happens . . . with or without us.  We need to be a part of it . . .

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